IG9/S50O Lampedusa Is. AF-019

4. oktobra 2014
Objavil: s50u

UPDATED 27-OCT-2014:

CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: IO9Y
Operator(s): S59M S57DX S57UN S53Z S57XX S53T S50O HB9OCR EA4AK PD1RP R3XX
Station: IO9Y

Class: M/S LP
Operating Time (hrs): 48

Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
160:  110     6       43
80:  168     8       51
40:  237    14       65
20:  600    27      102
15:  940    31      103
10: 1842    34      130
Total: 3897   120      494  Total Score = 7,115,646



Thanks for points…Huricane Gonzalo destroy everythig what we put up..
MS LP was our NO planing category

Check http://ig9y.com for more info about our story

CU in 2015


73 , Romeo S59M / IO9Y-IG9Y

UPDATED 24-OCT-2014:
The very last decision is to eneter M/S low-power category in CQWW SSB contest with IO9Y call sign with some wire antennas for low-bands and few survived antennas from hurricane for the higher bands.
Such a big effort destroyed in a night. A year of investment in energy, planning, strategy and money. 10 full days of hard work in a true team spirit. Everything ruined in a night! All support is welcome. Our PayPal account is open for those who like to make a donation. Please use the following address: Lampedusa2013@gmail.com

UPDATED 23-OCT-2014:
On Thursday night strong winds caused by Gonzalo hurricane destroyed almost all antennas at IO9Y M/M Lampedusa Contest Team station. There will be only sporadic operation from IG9/HOMECALL stations in low-power category during CQWW SSB contest. All transportations from the Island are canceled because bad weather and team will return home when ferries start to run.  73 Dan, S50U

Our club member Miran, S50O will operate as IG9/S50O from Lampedusa Island, QTH Punto Alaimo IOTA AF-019, QRA LOC JM65HM until end of November 2014 participating in both SSB and CW CQ WW Contest the largest Amateur Radio competition in the world with over 30,000 participants as IO9Y Lampedusa Contest Team 2014 member in Multi/Multi entry with two international teams of about 30 operators in total from ZONE 33 (African Italy). All QSL for IG9/S50O via his home call via bureau, direct with SASE + 2 USD to Miran Vončina, Cvetkova 35, 5282 Cerkno, Slovenija or by using the OQRS online QSL service provided by ClubLog. LOG will be uploaded to Clublog database as time and internet access allows. Cards will be ready to print soon into 2015, LoTW latter.

First time licenced in 1967 as a club operator at YU3EYZ in Idrija. In 1972 he got his personal call sign YU3TKT. He’s now active member of Radioklub Cerkno, S50E.

As turist he visited: I, HV, DL, OZ, SM, 9H, 3A, F, EA, CT, CT3, YU, 9A, E7, Z3, 4O, G, GM, OK, OM, SP, HA, SV, SV5, SV9, HB9, HB0, M1, ZC4, 5B, 3V, TA, W (CA, NV, AZ, UT, OR, ID, WY, CO, NE, SD, ND, MT, NY), VE3, VE6.

IO9Y Lampedusa Contest Team 2014 station – Africa ZONE 33

4 SQ for 80 & 40 m and Spiderman 160 m vertical


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